Congratulations from EHMOTC!

We know how wonderful having more than one baby at a time is…and we also know how different it is from having a singleton.  EHMOTC is one of the best resources in our area to take with you on your journey into parenthood with multiples.

Join us when you’re pregnant — We can answer many questions on being parents of multiples.

Join us when your babies first arrive — We can offer support, advice, and solutions during those first few exhausting months.

Join us as your children grow — We are a social support group where you will find other families of multiples.

We are here to help!  We are parents of multiples, too!

EHMOTC is an independent member club of Multiples of America (MoA).  Your membership in EHMOTC also gives you access and membership to MoA.

To join EHMOTC, click on the For Members link at the top of the page or sign up here.  If you would like more information about EHMOTC or have questions about our website, please e-mail us at EHMOTC@gmail.com.

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