Welcome to the EHMOTC website!

EHMOTC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of families raising or expecting twins, triplets, and more – serving southeastern Hamilton, Clermont, and Brown counties since 1962.

EHMOTC is an independent member club of Multiples of America (MoA).  Your membership in EHMOTC also gives you membership in MoA.  You’ll receive MoA’s bimonthly publication, Notebook, which has many information articles about parenting multiple birth children, resources that are available to parents of multiples, a round-up of what other clubs in the US are doing, and research surveys.

EHMOTC offers a forum where members can seek and offer offer advice and support for the unique challenges of raising families with multiples.  We strive to make the journey easier through our monthly meetings and various club events.

We know how wonderful having more than one baby at the same time is, and we also know how different it is from having a singleton.  EHMOTC is one of the best resources in our area to take with you on your journey into parenthood with multiples.  We can answer questions about being parents of multiples, we can offer support, advice, and solutions during those first few months, and we are support group where you can find other families of multiples.  At our monthly meetings you will find a support network of parents and the opportunity to exchange ideas on various parenting issues.  In addition, we provide interesting programs with informative speakers on topics relevant to our special parenting needs.  You are not alone!

EHMOTC meetings take place the second Thursday of each month, from September through May, beginning at 6:30pm.

To join EHMOTC, please click on the For Members link at the top of the page or sign up here.  If you would like more information about EHMOTC or have questions about our website, please e-mail us at EHMOTC@gmail.com.

Annual Twin Sales

Each Fall and Spring, we host our “Twin Sale,” basically a huge yard sale for all the members in the club to both buy and sell items.

Save the date for our next sale:

If you would like to be added to our notification list, please use the sign-up form in the right side bar or send an e-mail to EHMOTC@gmail.com letting us know you would like to be notified of upcoming sales.  We will only use your e-mail address is notify you of upcoming sales.